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     Return On Investment Exchange Corporation (ROI) is a private multinational that serves as a general partner for a consortium of investor partners. We align our interests with investor partners, and then co-invest to acquire private micro-cap to large-cap companies from conglomerates, PE firms, and other sources.

     As industrialists with an acquiring mindset, our objective is to assist conglomerates and PE firms generate an appealing return on investment by acquiring their problem companies or divisions faced with the following scenarios; amongst other reasons which incites divesting:

Upon portfolio review, management ascertains a disadvantaged competitive market position.
Quarterly performance review confirms negative impact on risk versus reward balance within portfolio.
Return on investment is less than the cost of capital.
No longer part of core business.
Significant capex or working capital requirements.
Unlock shareholder value and avoid being confronted by shareholder activists.

     Taking into consideration successful investment exits are critical for conglomerates and P.E. firms to deliver returns for investors and also raising additional capital, our solution is to align our interest to acquire the aforementioned portfolio companies of divesting conglomerates and P.E. firms. Management and stakeholders would appreciate the benefits of divestment proceeds funding an acquisition to have a higher-than-expected valuation multiple on the remaining business post-sale and/or reinvest in core operations.

ROI assists the companies acquired from conglomerates and PE firms attain potential and competitive advantage by:

Connecting with active management and employees that have shared values; avoiding adversarial relationships and mitigating risks.
Implementing processes, governance, and human capital to set-up metrics, best practices, increased standards, sales and profitability.
Addressing the challenges of Environmental Social and Governance Issues by converting problems into opportunistic solutions and programs; contributing to growth potential.

     ROI also has a division that provides unconventional solutions and previously unavailable opportunities to Governments, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Stock Exchanges and Manufacturers.


     Our team has experienced a broad spectrum of industries over 32 years. In the 1980s, then known as James Organization, the company started by providing management consulting services to the automotive, mortgage, property management, and telecommunications sectors. We launched with distinct skill set advantages, including heightened observations and solutions to supply chain, and other operational vulnerabilities, as well as listening to the needs and wants of entrepreneurs. By doing so, we enhanced the business value for succession or sale. In the 1990's, we were approached by an American management consulting firm that needed help to service their manufacturing clients in the Midwestern States and Europe.  We helped with the distribution issues of their clients’ landing gear parts and assemblies. Our solutions included expanding sales channels via aircraft parts distributors and an acquisition of a regional courier company to expedite deliverables globally.

     James' Organization performed ongoing work with this American management consulting firm's diversified range of clients until 1994, when James Organization accepted an opportunity to acquire an automobile dealership.
James Organization grew the dealership's revenue and facilities by elevating customer service experience, quality of pre-owned inspections and exporting to progressive dealers and importers in United States, Central America and Caribbean. The results had grown year-by year until 1998 when an importer in South America acquired the operations.  This divestiture led to the development of ROI-Exchange in 1999.

     Since our integrity is vital for building relationships, and for people to remember us and trust ROI to do business, our priceless reputation and confidentiality has a higher priority than dollars will ever have.



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