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Our Purpose


Return On Investment Exchange Corporation (ROI) partners with private equity firms, our purpose is to help create equity and debt opportunities via ROI acquisitions to deploy their capital and the organizations they serve for returns. As a private multinational independent sponsor, we are agnostic industrialists that strategically acquire private micro-cap to large-cap companies/business units from divesting conglomerates, private equity firms and other deal sources.
Through post acquisition operations, we provide processes, governance, human capital, and set-up metrics to address pain points as well as best practices. Our global expansion capabilities for newly acquired companies span bolt-on acquisitions, horizontal acquisitions, vertical acquisitions, and conglomerate strategies, along with product and market extensions.
As an acquisition platform, we provide acquired companies tools, insights and partners for greater speed, efficiency, leverage and competitive advantage. Our solutions help partners and newly acquired companies reduce risk, transition, adapt and thrive 
Our business is to protect partners and divestors by being prepared for strategic challenges, mitigating risks of executional failure and providing isolation from unwanted attention or anxiety.





As global acquisition challenges grow in complexity and uncertainty, failure to execute, certainty of close and regulations; we aim to address these issues as indicted within our case studies.
Our solutions combine insights and scale to enhance and preserve the value of our newly acquired companies to achieve development. Our experience provides a deeper understanding of how investors and divestors think and the economics which incite divesting. 
We address diverse liquidity requirements through our easy-to-answer questions that provide flexibility, as we work to offer divestors solutions to help mitigate risks, and successfully navigate financially beneficial change through portfolio restructuring.

Upon portfolio review, has management ascertained a disadvantaged competitive market position?


Does the quarterly performance review confirm the negative impact on risk versus reward balance within the portfolio?


Return on investment less than the cost of capital?


Has management identified a division or business unit that is no longer part of the core business?


Is it logical to continue operations with significant CAPEX or working capital requirements?


Would it be beneficial to unlock shareholder value and avoid being confronted by shareholder activists?


Our breadth of direct access to capital makes acquisition transactions simpler and more efficient to maximize capital deployment opportunities for investors. Divestors obtain proceeds from a higher-than-expected valuation multiple on the remaining business post-sale. Decision makers may allocate capital to reinvest in core operations, deleverage etc.




Our corporate values — trust is our greatest asset; finding better ways to communicate; and avoiding adversarial relationships  — unite our organization and honour our commitments. 
We are expected to deliver results with integrity and efficiency; do better than yesterday and appreciate those who have directly and indirectly cared for us and others
An expression of gratitude is in order for Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, exceptional people that had a tremendous impact on the foundation of ROI.
Appreciation for the privilege of working with partners, management teams, employees and associates for whom we serve. We are committed to accomplishing your goals; whatever it takes.
Grateful to those who have chosen to read this introduction, thank you for your valuable time. We like to see people do well, as we have been around long enough to comprehend what it takes; goals just do not happen. The benefits of doing well in life, and at work transcend across unimaginable boarders and people.
We looks forward to continue working among extraordinary people that contribute to the present and future of civilization and industrialization.
Why ROI-Exchange
Our quiet approach can help partners and divestors identify opportunities, mitigate risk and maximize returns in logical and simpler ways. 
Our team has experienced a broad spectrum of industries over 36 years. In the 1980s, then known as James Organization, the company started by providing management consulting services to manufacturing, finance, real estate, and telecommunications sectors. We launched with distinct skill set advantages, including solutions for the value chain, supply chain, and various operational vulnerabilities.


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