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As a Chairman, CEO, CFO or decision maker of a corporation or private equity firm; are you are experiencing or do you anticipate the following problems:

 Expectations of a share buyback and dividend payment based on assurances given to investors under previously announced strategies for profits, and increased net cash position?

 Under pressure from activist investor to restructure and deliver on strategic ambitions; complete a strategic transaction that will strengthen balance sheet and simplify capital structure?

 Need proceeds from a strategic transaction to return shareholders capital, generate liquidity, reduce leverage, and utilize intellectual capital to explore opportunities in industries where your capabilities are unleashed?

 In possession of an asset that presents an disconcerting mix of risks and opportunities. Taking into consideration technology has disrupted and evolved a diversified range of industries, there is discomfort retaining this underperforming asset with the risk of being not prepared for unexpected competition?

 Is it possible to seize opportunities from this asset and alleviate risk today? What is the effect on investment return?

 Would accepting a pre-emptive offer expedite surplus funds to help core portfolio businesses focus on competitive advantage and acquire growth in sectors to match global megatrends?


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